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Wine Coolers Prices

The 5 important rules for storage Wine is a living and sensitive product which demands gentle storage to safeguard the best conditions for its maturation and development. TEMPERATURE: The ideal storage temperature for wine is about 10-14°C which should be constant. AIR HUMIDITY: A humidity level of between 50-75% is essential to maintain the cork’s sealing effect, and thereby its efficiency at keeping air out of the bottle. DARKNESS: The bottle offers no protection against direct sunlight, and ultraviolet light in particular can be harmful to wine. Accordingly, wine should be stored in darkness safely protected against UV radiation. VIBRATION: If wine is exposed to repeated vibration, it will disrupt the wine’s biochemical development. Vibrations are often the reason why some of the best and finest wines fail to reach their optimal taste. VENTILATION: Ventilation and the continuous circulation of air are fundamentally important to avoid the development of unpleasant odours.