professional equipment for food service
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Unbeatable prices. Waffles are a delicious treat. Before you get stuck into specifications and prices, consider what type of waffle you want to make. There are two basic styles of waffle: Belgian and American sometimes called “classic”. In our store you can find waffles machines: Commercial Waffle Maker for 4 Americano Waffles, Waffle Maker Margarita, Waffle MakerAmericano Waffles, Waffles Helios Vertical Baking System, Waffle Maker Brussels, Waffle Maker Lolly, Waffle Maker Lolly on a Stick, Waffle Maker Kant, Waffle Maker Waffle Balls, Waffle Maker Heart, Waffle Maker Stroop, Waffle Maker Churros, Waffle Maker Lorraine etc.